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From Youtube to mp4 online

Y2mate online YouTube to mp4 converter is the best. It's a simple and easy process. All you have to do is find the video, copy the URI address and then bring it here to download the file. This is easy except for the part where you will need to copy and paste the URL address of the video from your browser or Youtube app. You can make it easy by clicking the Share button. After that, click (or tap), Copy Link. It will be saved to your device's clipboard, where you can easily paste it wherever you want. If this is too complicated, you can use the shortcut below. It will grab the URL of your current page and send it to Y2mate. Youtube video search works only for Youtube. But, you can type any video title or artist name that you remember and Y2mate's assistant will help you. There are also top 30 videos that are most popular in your area. All this is done to make the portal easier to use. It's amazing!

Y2mate YtMp4 web app

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Web app is exactly the same as Y2mate's website. It doesn’t need updates and takes up virtually no space on your phone storage.

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This shortcut is what everyone is raving. Because it copies URI and inserts it in the search box automatically, copy-pasting is no longer an option. This link can be copied to your bookmarks.

Convert videos to MP4 from 100s of sources

Y2mate can download and convert to Mp4 videos from nearly a 1000 of other websites, social networks and video storage depositories. Check it out, simply copy video URL and bring it here, submit into the form and see if Y2mate can help you download that video.


Converter for Youtube video to save as Mp4 - user guide

Questions & Answers

Does anyone limit downloads somehow?

No. Everyone can download what they want. Please .. Limit yourself.

How To Download Youtube Video On A Smartphone?

Access Youtube through your browser, app or desktop. Click Youtube video to open it.Paste the copied video URI address in the search box of Y2mate. Tap the green button and you are ready to go.Select the format you want to save, and click "Get Link" for video download.

Where browser saves downloaded MP4s?

Click CTRL+J at the desktop to open defaultDownloads folder. You can also use browser menu.